Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Simply Amazing

It always tears of water drop
that frost the heart, 
like a froze rose petal at winter, 
So the goodbye comes quickly.

Going to miss you in hush tone, 
We whisper faintly
Under majestic silver moon light
As we path quietly.

In rhythm of laughter we've danced, 
teased, gazed and smiled at each other
like loving doves in Celestial Empire, 
making the stars and clouds jealous.

Am spellbound by comfort
And overwhelming gratitude, 
That has eluded my being
Only by been with you.

Wish the day never grows old, 
So i will sit watching your comely posture
And ur chaste smile, 
Like portrait of 'Mona Lisa'.

Precious moment, ends too shortly
Like sweet wine served
At irish cocktail, 
And quickly it runs out.

Left with memories after painful goodbye, 
As i stroll down the quiet street, 
When next will our meetn be? 
I ponder deep within...

A piece i wrote for Esele Ebohimhen,a very wonderful friend who as made my world amazing like the beauty of sunrise at dawn. God bless you and keep you always.

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